What were these brilliant minds doing in their teens?

Today’s tech world has a lot to thank Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Steve Wozniak for. All have made their contributions to many of the devices that are used daily in everyday life.

Although the first one passed away more than 10 years ago, he came to be positioned as one of the men with the most money in the world.

The other two continue to compete in this field. Wozniak leading Apple, a company he founded with Jobs. And Musk with his impulses for space exploration, social networks, electric cars and the Internet.

It is true that today they are a couple of billionaires who should not know what to do with so much money together. Perhaps the same thing happened to Jobs in life, although he went through a stage in which he was practically bankrupt.

However, they all went through stages where they were just growing up like any teenager. What did they do at that time? Did they play video games, watch TV series, read comics?

Partly yes. But everyone was already preparing for much of what they continue to do today.

The adolescence of these three brilliant minds

It is known that Steve Jobs had an intense interest in electronics since he was very young. As a child of foster parents, he became independent much faster than other people his age. His father tried to instill in him a love for mechanics, but he was always aware of digital.

Therefore, at a very young age, he managed to do an internship at Atari, at that time one of the most important video game industries.

The Elon Musk thing was very similar. He is not adopted, but he does come from a large family with many siblings. He learned to program at the age of 10 and at 12 he managed to make his first video game that he sold for $500. In this way he starts in this industry before starting the university; place where he finally begins to walk the path we know him today.

Perhaps the one who had a more conventional adolescence was Steve Wozniak. The engineer says that he was consuming too much Star Trek content. And although it may seem like simple Geek behavior to you, this was what inspired him to develop the technologies that he put into practice at Apple.