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Yesterday the Decree 4/2021 that determines the possibility of prohibiting mobility at night but the decision will ultimately be up to each province and it will be agreed with the mayors. One of the problems is transportation that changes jurisdictions, and how possible restrictions will affect buses and long-distance trains.

« The premise is to continue insisting on the recommendations. From December 15, whoever wants to travel can choose the ticket online. The use of the chinstrap is mandatory as well as social distance. In addition, the temperature of all passengers is taken ”, described how the trips are made by the head of the National Transport Regulation Commission (CNRT), José Ramón Arteaga.

« The controls are precise and are being articulated with the Gendarmerie, federal forces, road safety. We find a lot of responsibility in the use of masks and in the distance. However, it is necessary to improve the temperature measurement at the terminals of private and municipal concessions ”, highlighted the national official.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the economic crisis left by the pandemic, Arteaga also commented on how the season is lived in the sector: « the demand for tickets is much lower than expected for a summer season, the load factor does not even reach 50%« .

Can buses and trains run long distance?

When changing municipalities and provinces, buses and trains may encounter different regulations on their routes. Throughout the country, many times the trips last a number of hours that spend more than a day on the transport, this leads to if there is a curfew in a territory it can start in the middle of the route.

« The authority asks us to intensify the controls but not to restrict them. For now there will be no restrictions on long-distance transportation at night« Arteaga said in statements to Radio Provincia.

In addition, the CNRT official warned that it is necessary « intensify controls in interurban transport and also in long-distance transport, depending on the hours of permanence of users and passengers in each of the units and terminals « .

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