What will happen to your WhatsApp account if you do not accept the new terms

Several weeks ago WhatsApp announced an important change in its terms and conditions of use. In these changes it was announced that WhatsApp was going to start sharing data with Facebook, such as information about your mobile device or IP address. And, now that the time to accept these conditions is drawing near, new information has emerged.

WhatsApp clarifies what will happen if you do not accept its new terms

This measure has caused a lot of controversy, no matter how much WhatsApp has tried to explain how its new strategy is going to work and if Facebook could read our messages, many users do not seem to be convinced. This is something that has been demonstrated by seeing how Telegram and Signal were placed as the most downloaded apps.

Now WhatsApp, according to an email that has been seen by TechCrunch, has explained what will happen to our account if we do not want to accept these new terms and conditions of use.

«WhatsApp will slowly ask users who have not yet accepted the policy changes to comply with the new terms in the coming weeks, to have full WhatsApp functionality as of May 15. If they still do not accept the terms, for a short period of time, these users will be able to receive calls and notifications, but they will not be able to read or send messages from the app«

Either you accept the conditions or you run out of WhatsApp

We already knew that not accepting the conditions could end your WhatsApp account, but this option is almost crueler still. If you do not accept the new terms and conditions, you will be able to receive notifications of the messages they send you, but you will not be able to read or reply to them.

Clearly, the vast majority of users will have to go through the hoop and accept these new conditions if they want to continue using WhatsApp. The deadline is May 15, and you will surely start receiving the message very soon.

It should be clarified that WhatsApp has said over and over again that your messages will emerge being encrypted and that your privacy is important, even with ads displayed within the app.

There is not much left for us to see these changes in WhatsApp. We’ll see if users turn their backs on the app, or if everything remains the same and they agree to share this data with Facebook, a company that, by the way, is very angry with Apple and its new privacy policies.

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