WhatsApp develops a function so that you never hear a long voice note again

There is always that friend who, although he does not want to disturb, has this habit of sending voice notes of many minutes. Sometimes we are very busy and we just can’t hear her, so we prefer to receive text messages on WhatsApp. A coming solution will change everything.

According to the site specialized in the app, WABetaInfoWhatsApp parent company Meta is working on a new feature that will transcribe audio messages to text. This means that users who are not fans of listening to audio messages will be able to simply read the content of those voice notes as normal text.

A report published on the website of 9to5Mac adds that the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone features this transcription tool for audio messages.

How does the transcription of audios work in WhatsApp?

With this feature, the application will identify what was said in the message to transform the audio content into text.

Being a beta version, there are some limitations. For example, transcripts are not available when no words are identified or when the voice message is in a language other than the language set for transcripts.

On the other hand, all the transcripts will be processed on the device and will not be uploaded to the WhatsApp servers, which is a great advantage in terms of privacy.

At this point, only the beta version of WhatsApp for iPhone has the transcription feature, and it is unclear when it will come to the Android app.

For its part, Telegram, one of WhatsApp’s main competitors today, already offers audio and video transcription. However, in that case, the feature is only available to Telegram Premium subscribers. On WhatsApp, the feature will be free for everyone.