WhatsApp launches a function to combat hoaxes within the application

ABC / EP Updated: 08/04/2020 12: 41h Save Related News

The messaging application WhatsApp has introduced a new function to avoid hoax broadcast that allows you to carry out Internet searches when forwarded messages are received to check the information they contain.

The internet searches can be done from WhatsApp through amagnifying glass icon accompanying forwarded chat messages -identified with a double arrow-.

In this way, WhatsApp uploads the content of the message directly to the browser to search for it on the internet, without the user having to copy it, although the platform does not access its content, as reported by the platform, owned by Facebook.

These searches are intended “to help people find results on news or other sources of information on the content received,” according to WhatsApp.

The new search function is available from Monday in Spain and in other countries including Brazil, the United States, Italy, Ireland, Mexico and the United Kingdom. It will be available for the latest versions of the app on Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web.

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