WhatsApp protests the new privacy features of the App Store

This 2020 the controversies generated thanks to the policies of the App Store there have been few. And little time to end the year, WhatsApp joins a series of claims that companies have previously made with Telegram, Spotify and Epic Games for the course anti-competitive behavior of the platform

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WhatsApp’s claim focuses on the iMessage advantage on iPhones. By not downloading from the App Store, the messaging service will not be affected by the new privacy labels from the store that Apple introduced with iOS 14.

WhatsApp complains about the new policies of the App Store

Apple introduced the “labels,” comparing them to the nutrition labels used on packaged foods. According to the company, the feature should provide app users with more information about the data that is collected in them.

From now on, the App Store will use the labels “financial information” or “user content” to describe the type of data that applications collect. According to information shared from the Facebook-owned company macrumors, these labels are too wide and they don’t recognize some privacy measures taken by developers.

According to statements by a WhatsApp spokesperson:

“While providing people with easy-to-read information is a good start, we think it’s important for people to be able to compare these ‘privacy nutrition’ labels on the apps they download with apps that come pre-installed, like iMessage.”

“Our teams have submitted our privacy labels to Apple, but the Apple template does not shed light on the limits that applications can make to protect confidential information. While WhatsApp can’t see people’s messages or precise location, we’re stuck using the same broad labels with apps that do. “

For now Apple hasn’t announced when the labels will be visibleAlthough this week the time limit for apps to send the data ends, so it is expected that they will appear soon and can be evaluated according to WhatsApp considerations.

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