WhatsApp responds after the controversy, can Facebook read your messages?

A few days ago we all received the message. WhatsApp has just updated its privacy policies since February 8 with a change that included starting to share your data with Facebook to create a more complete profile of users. Definitely, the situation has generated various reactions and doubts, which WhatsApp has had to clarify

WhatsApp privacy policies
WhatsApp clarifies the scope of its new privacy policies

Taking into account the behavior of users, and migrations to other instant messaging platforms, the Facebook-owned company shared an entry on its blog. It clarifies that the policy update “It does not affect in any way the privacy of the messages that users share with their friends and family and that only includes modifications related to the messages sent to companies through WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp clarifies that the new policies only include company messaging

WhatsApp has emphasized specifying that the data update does not affect the privacy of the messages in any way. According to the company, the renewal includes changes related to the messaging of a company in WhatsApp, which is optional and provides greater transparency about the collection and uses of the data.

  • WhatsApp cannot see your private messages or listen to your calls; neither does Facebook.
  • WhatsApp cannot see or share your location; neither can Facebook.
  • WhatsApp groups are kept private.
  • WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp doesn’t keep logs of who everyone is texting or calling.
  • Users can download their data.
  • Users can schedule their messages to be deleted automatically.

These policies imply that all the information that is shared in personal chats remains between the participants, because personal messages are protected with end-to-end encryption. For example, when someone sends their location to another person, it is protected by encryption, which means that no one except the one who received the address can see it.

They also ensure that do not keep data of messages and calls, as they believe that the logs of 2 million users would be a risk for both privacy and security.

Whatsapp logo
The new privacy policies go into effect in February

Regarding the contacts, they point out that: “When you give us permission, we access only the phone numbers in your address book so that messaging is fast and reliable, and we do not share your contact lists with the other applications offered by Facebook”.

In another section, WhatsApp answered questions about messages with companies and the way WhatsApp works with Facebook, classified as:

Facebook hosting services: “We provide the option of using secure Facebook hosting services to manage WhatsApp chats with your customers, answer questions and send useful information, such as purchase receipts. But whether users contact a business by phone, email, or WhatsApp, that business will be able to see the information that is shared with it and use it for its own marketing purposes, which could include the use of Facebook advertising. “

New business functions: “More and more people are expressing an interest in shopping online. With Facebook branded business features like stores, some businesses will be able to display their goods directly on WhatsApp so that people can see the items available for sale… Features like this are optional, and when users choose them, they will be informed in the application how their data is shared with Facebook. “

Company discovery: “Users may see an ad on Facebook with a button to send a message to a company that uses WhatsApp. If they have WhatsApp installed on their phones, they will have the option to send a message to that company. Facebook will be able to use the information about how they interact with those ads to personalize the ads they see on Facebook. “

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