When a real estate agency offers Trump fans to gift him his childhood home

But this time, the real estate agency is appealing directly to the president’s fans to contribute and offer him, in the hope that it will reach the unprecedented amount of $ 3 million.

Via the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, the agency Paramount Realty has offered since Tuesday to the admirers of the outgoing president to join their efforts to reach the three million dollars, with the promise, if the goal is reached, to then give the house as a gift. to the outgoing president.

The agency had recently tried to sell the house in the affluent Jamaica Estates neighborhood of Queens for that amount through regular auctions, without success. Before imagining this “never used before” sales strategy, Misha Haghani of Paramount Realty told ..

“You are more likely to find a million people willing to spend three dollars each, than a rich buyer willing to put three million,” he said.

Based on his real estate standards alone, this faux Tudor, five bedroom, four bathroom home – where Mr. Trump lived until he was four years old before moving to a more opulent house nearby – would not exceed little more than the million dollars. But “its intangible value” makes it “unique”, according to Haghani.

Already, in March 2017, shortly after the arrival of Donald Trump to power, it had sold for $ 2.14 million. And now that the ex-real estate mogul is about to leave the White House in January “people who love him might want to say thank you or give him a leaving gift,” the agent said.

The idea is to try to capitalize on the passion aroused by this “very polarizing” president, he admits.

Donald Trump, now official resident of Florida and no longer of New York, was not consulted for this operation, underlines Mr. Haghani.

Even if he no longer wanted this house – which he said when it went on sale in 2016 that he “would like to buy it” – his fans would not have invested for nothing: the GoFundMe page specifies that the house would go then to a charity chosen by the outgoing president. And if he didn’t choose a charity, “we would pick one for him,” Haghani said.

Will the fans take the hook? On Tuesday, right after it went live, the GoFundMe page showed a single donation of $ 45.

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