When does the last part of season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’ premiere?

He Show AMC based on the Robert Kirkman comics refuses to die. In previous months it was reported that The walking dead will come to an end in season 11. However, even when the main series ends, the franchise will continue. Are already issued spin-off, others are planned, as well as several films of the main characters of the series.

Many have been the news about The walking dead in recent times, even in all these months of the pandemic. One of the great surprises of this stage is that season 10 would be extended for 6 more episodes. That is, up to 24 chapters. Another is that his latest installment will also have this number of episodes.

It was Angela Kang, showrunner of The walking dead, who said that the reason for these extended seasons responds to the need to introduce other prominent characters from the franchise and they want to do it properly. So that, the new episodes of season 10 of The walking dead will begin to air weekly from February 28.

Season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’

the walking dead

After the tremendous battle against the Whisperers, our core communities have been out of harm’s way, albeit depleted in many ways. Eugene’s journey left us in a suspenseful ending as we reached out to a community that we all believe, and hope, is Commonwealth. On the other hand, Beta saw its end and communities can now breathe a little better.

Reaching this stage of the tenth season of The walking dead it was not easy. Let us remember that in 2020, as a result of the declaration and progress of the pandemic, he Show AMC could not air its last episode, called “A Certain Doom”. So everything was put on hold until October 1 that episode could be finished and broadcast as a special episode.

Commonly The walking dead it started its season at the start of October. However, in the uncertain year 2020 things were not the same for anyone. So for that month we only had the episode that partially closed season 10.

They were recently announced the titles of the remaining six episodes of season 10 of The walking dead. We also already have a trailer for the installment that will begin airing on February 28, 2021. In these tracks we are reminded that, although the great Danai Gurira, who played Michonne, left the series, Laura Cohan, who plays Maggie, joins again.

The future of the franchise

As we said lines above, the main series of The walking dead It will come to an end with its 11th season, but the franchise is far from closing. Continue with your spin-offs, as Fear the walking dead which is in its sixth season, as well as The Walking Dead: World Beyond which premiered in October 2020.

In addition to this, there are contemplated three films that will follow the story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who came out of The walking dead in episode 5 of season 9. Much has been speculated about the return of this protagonist. This is not all, remember that another spin-off title was also announced: a series starring Daryl and Carol, Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, respectively.

The last episodes of season 10 of The walking dead will end airing on April 4, 2021. The bad news for the fans of this title is that season 11 will not arrive until 2022. For now we have an appointment with the Apocalypse next February 28, 2021.

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