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According to plan, This Saturday at noon the flight AR1060 of Aerolineas Argentinas will arrive in Ezeiza, bringing the second batch of 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine to the country anti-coronavirus from Moscow, Russia.

This is the shipment with component 2 that complements the one that arrived at Christmas, whose distribution operation in the 24 jurisdictions has already started and has completed some 200,800 applications.

The crossing that is proposed to go to and from Russia in 40 hours is in charge of 10 crew members, including pilots and co-pilots. This implies the presence on the flight of five crews simultaneously composed of the commander and co-pilot, four on duty and one reinforcement, to which dispatchers, technicians and cargo personnel are added, to reach the total of 20 people who will board.

Airlines explained in the statement that the plane, « After 17 hours of flight, he arrived at the Moscow-Sheremetyevo International Airport in search of another 300,000 doses of the Sputnik V vaccine ».

The aircraft stayed in Moscow for about 4 and a half hours to load and left Russia at 11:55 p.m. yesterday to the Ezeiza International Airport, where it will land at 11:50 a.m. on Saturday the 16th. He added that “in short, all transportation logistics it will take 40 hours between the outbound, cargo and return leg, this being the longest leg operated by the company on a non-stop flight.

On the return, after the vaccine loading process, the plane flies over Europe further north, crossing, after leaving Russian airspace, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, northern Spain and Portugal, starting there the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, to enter the American continent at the height of Fortaleza (Brazil). Then fly over Uruguay until crossing the Río de la Plata and will land in Ezeiza, after 18 hours.

The load of the Sputnik V vaccine, which weighs 8 tons, will travel in the Airbus hold, packed in containers called « Thermobox » manufactured by the company DHL, which maintain refrigeration during the operation and the first distribution stage.

This is how the 300,000 doses of the Sptunik V were loaded in Moscow

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