“When Illa intervened, Madrid did not act exclusively as minister”

When it’s your turn, are you sure you will be vaccinated? Will you allow yourself to be photographed?

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in the Retiro after the ravages of Filomena.

If there needs to be a photographer, there will be a photographer, but what is certain is that I will get vaccinated. This is the message that all Spaniards must be clear about: vaccines are safe.

Will the same thing happen with the vaccination with the Red Cross as with the tests in pharmacies?

What interests me is that they put the puncture on me, and that they put it on me as soon as possible. I’m not going to ask who is putting it on me. Now, it is true that this will happen as with the antigen tests: if they had been authorized before in the pharmacy, we would have done much better.

You said, in reference to Illa: “You cannot be a Minister of Health and a candidate for party time”, but why is it incompatible to be a minister and an electoral candidate for the Generalitat and not a mayor and spokesperson for your party?

Because he is the Minister of Health at the worst moment of a pandemic; when you are in a third wave, in a vaccination process that is decisive … And now we know that you are thinking about the elections, which were first going to be in February, now in May … Let’s face it, it is very difficult to reconcile being a minister and be a candidate for those elections.

Do you think Madrid has been punished in the process of the pandemic?

A nurse vaccinates a health care provider against the coronavirus at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid (Spain), on January 11, 2021. The Community of Madrid continues this Monday with the vaccination against covid-19 of professionals

Of course. At the time, some of us said that we hoped that the declaration of a state of alarm only for the Community of Madrid would not be the first act of Salvador Illa’s electoral campaign as a candidate.

Do you think that the central government made that decision in October to increase Illa’s chances in her career for the Generalitat?

Of course, he knew that he was not serving exclusively as Minister of Health. The contagion problem was not only in Madrid, but it was in all of Spain. For the government of the nation it was easier to find an enemy to distract attention. For this reason, with Madrid measures were adopted that were profoundly unfair, unilateral in nature, which have not been adopted in any other Autonomous Community despite the fact that they had a worse situation than Madrid.

Will we see you in Catalonia campaigning like Ayuso?

I am at the disposal of what the party says. If Alejandro Fernández wants to count on me, it will be an honor for me to be able to accompany him there in the electoral campaign in Catalonia, but it is a question of the PP of Catalonia.

What would happen if Vox overtook the PP in the Catalans?

In view of the surveys, it is not a hypothesis that we handle. In addition, it is not something that could worry me especially because I have already experienced many apocalyptic scenarios in relation to the PP, and in the end we have always managed to emerge afloat.

As soon as there are elections and Illa leaves, would you recommend a slightly deeper restructuring of the Government to Sánchez? The problem of the Sánchez government is not the people, it is the policies. In the end, if you change one card for another or change one face for another, it will not change at all if there is not a deep restructuring of policies.

Would you like PP and Cs to go together for the next elections?

Regardless of whether or not they can go together, the fragmentation of the center-right vote implies the permanence of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias. There is no one who wins Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias with three electoral marks in the center and on the right. The only way to win is by voting for the PP, because we are the only force that is capable of being transversal to the voter.

Is the national PP playing an eight-year plan to return to Moncloa?

The PP is prepared to assume the Government of Spain at any time and we demonstrate it with our autonomous governments and our municipal governments.

Does Pablo Casado trust abstention more than the right vote for him?

It is bringing together the vast majority of Spaniards who want to live under a constitutional model that allows us to coexist with those of us who think differently and who are now endangered. The PP are the ones who guarantee knowing how to manage the economy and the social situation. We do it under a few principles and a premise: we are capable of governing for the vast majority of Spaniards.

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