when it starts and what the December calendar looks like

When Anses pays: the calendar to collect retirements, pensions, AUH and other social benefits in December

How with each beginning of the month, the National Social Security Administration (ANSeS), led by Fernanda Raverta, announced the payment schedule planned for the month of December for retirements and pensions, Universal Child Allowance (AUH), Universal Allowance for Pregnancy (AUE), Prenatal Allowance and Maternity Allowance, Unemployment Benefit and Non-Contributory Pensions (PNC).

Retirees and pensioners with DNI ending in 0 and 1 with salaries lower than $ 21,393 pesos get paid on Thursday, December 10.

The first batch is intended for beneficiaries who receive assets of up to $ 21,393 pesos. The second will be from December 17, and those who receive income greater than that number will be charged.

The payment schedule for retirees and pensioners:

DNI ending in 0 and 1: Thursday, December 10 DNI ending in 2 and 3: Friday, December 11, ID ending in 4 and 5: Monday, December 14, ID ending in 6 and 7: Tuesday, December 15, ID ending in 8 and 9 : Wednesday, December 16

For assets over $ 21,393:

DNI ending in 0 and 1: Thursday, December 17 DNI ending in 2 and 3: Friday, December 18 DNI ending in 4 and 5: Monday, December 21 DNI ending in 6 and 7: Tuesday, December 22, DNI ending in 8 and 9 : Wednesday, December 23

Where and how to charge

The credit of this month will be paid in the authorized bank branches, which will only attend the window and without prior appointment to the beneficiaries.

Retirees and pensioners must approach the entities only on the assigned dates and their assets will remain in their accounts.

The ANSeS recalled that the processing of Survival / Life Certificate for retirees and pensioners is suspended. This means that it is not necessary for older adults to go to the banks to do it.

On the other hand, 522,647 supplementary salaries from the AFIP’s Emergency Assistance to Work and Production (ATP) program will also be paid.

In this way, the National State will invest a total of $ 10,537 million to provide economic relief to companies and employees directly affected by the drop in activity due to Covid-19.

The Anses reported that although these people do not have to request a prior appointment to collect the benefit, they must approach the bank branch only on the assigned date. Remember that assets will remain deposited in your accounts.

After the 5% increase applied to assets this month, the minimum retirement went from $ 19,035 to $ 21,393, while the maximum reached $ 133,241. As happened in March, June and September, the new increase was established through a DNU of the Executive.

The initial formula established two updates per year that were made up of 50% based on salary growth and 50% based on collection. In addition, it established that the increase of 5% in December that is granted by decree would be taken into account of the increase that is applied with the new formula in March 2021.

However, Congress is working on modifications. The first is that the December increase of 5% becomes remunerative and will not be discounted from the March increase.

In the case of the AUH, payments will begin on December 10 for beneficiaries with a National Identity Document (DNI) ending in 0 and will end on Wednesday, November 20. As of Thursday 17, the rest of the beneficiaries will be charged.

People who receive family allowances will receive this month not only 80% of the monthly payment but will also receive the remaining 20% ​​of each month that is paid together at the end of the year with the presentation of the Universal Allowance Book. The same will happen with the beneficiaries of the AUH.

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