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Microsoft launched its next generation consoles Xbox series x and Xbox Series S to the world market, including Spain, on November 10. Except for those who would reserve those machines before their release date, it is being difficult to get one due to stock problems. Something similar happens with Sony’s next-gen console, the Playstation 5 that arrived in our country on November 19 with a digital model and another with a Blu-ray player: the launch day only those who reserved it could acquire it, while the pre-purchase of next runs sold out in minutes in the face of much higher demand than supply.

Faced with this situation, what can we do to be aware of when more units are going to be put on sale of these consoles and acquire one before they fly off the shelves of physical and online stores? Of course, in Vandal we inform you as soon as a reservation campaign opens in the main stores, but there are times that a online portal replenishes a very limited number of units that are sold out in minutes. To find out about these cases there are alternatives: from official Twitter accounts and fans to Telegram groups, through email lists and extensions for browsers.

Xbox Series X / S stock Espa

When will the next generation consoles be in stock? There will be several PS5 until the end of February

To date there have been three waves of pre-orders exclusively on PlayStation 5 online stores: those delivered on launch day, those that were reserved that same day and began shipping in early December and a third that was delivered in the middle of last month. In Microsoft’s case, some physical and digital stores have replaced very limited units of Xbox Series X after launch day. During the days that followed the launch, you could find Xbox Series S on some web pages and even in physical stores, and still still available in various online stores.

Since Vandal we have asked if they know when they expect to have more units to GAME, PlayStation Spain and Xbox. At the moment we have only received a response from the latter: “We have seen a overwhelming global demand of our fans for the next generation of Xbox and we are working tirelessly with our store partners to restock Xbox hardware as soon as possible”.

“Due to the high demand, we know Xbox Series X is hard to find right now, although fans might still be able to find Xbox Series S, which offers many of the same features new generation at a more affordable price, “suggest from Xbox.” We hope that Xbox Series X is available again soon. For more details on availability in your market, please contact your local stores directly, “they conclude.

Vandal sources assure that since now until the end of February there will be very limited PS5 remittances approximately every 15 days, but they do not know the future of the stock of Microsoft consoles. In early January, the Spanish chain of stores GAME opened a microsite within its website so that those interested in a PS5 with a reader could sign up and have a reservation preference when that model of the Sony console was available, something for which they did not give an estimated date. The registry is currently closed.

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He Sony president Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, apologized ahead of the PS5 launch for the console shortage, saying, “You can be sure we’re working really hard to have one. significant consignment in the market both before and after ChristmasRegarding Xbox Series X / S, Xbox CFO noted that it should be difficult to find the new Microsoft consoles before April 2021.

Tracking through the webs of the stores and plug-ins for the browser

The most traditional method of knowing if consoles are available is frequently enter the product sheets from the main stores. Of course, it is also the most cumbersome, heavy method and there is always the possibility that you enter the product minutes after it has been used up. Even so, we leave you below the links to the main stores so that you always have them at hand.

Xbox Series X buy amazon game mediamarkt units

In addition to checking store availability by hand, there are other options. Stores such as GAME and PC Components, among others, have a notification system to send email notifications when the product is available, but it can be of little use when the available units fly as soon as the stock is restored. He The Camelizer plug-in allows you to receive instant notifications in the browser (it is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera) when the product is available on Amazon; the creators of the program take a commission for the purchase, but the price to the buyer is the same. To use it, you need to link your Amazon account to CamelCamelCamel.

The Twitter and Telegram of companies, stores and offer trackers

The official account of PlayStation Spain Twitter has previously warned when they were going to replace consoles in digital stores, so we recommend you follow it in case you want to buy a PS5 and do the same with the Xbox Spain account if you want to buy Xbox Series X / S. In addition, online stores usually notify by the same network social before they open the reservations of new waves of consoles, so we have a bad idea to follow them and activate push notifications. Below we list the Twitter accounts of these businesses (Amazon Spain and Techinn do not have an account):

PS5 cu

In addition to the official channels there are Twitter accounts dedicated to bargain detection and that, due to the interest in the stock in the new consoles, they are also informing the minute when there are units available from PS5 in its two models and from Xbox Series X / S. Some of them are the following:

Finally, there are also public groups of the Telegram messaging service where you are quickly informed of the availability of consoles and other offers:

[Actualizacin 21/01 – 17:05]: We have updated this news to add the Xbox statement.

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