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Around 10 countries announced that different vaccines have arrived and are placing them, for now, in their population at risk.

The problem of the pandemic no longer appears to be vaccines or the antidote. Different laboratories around the world manufactured doses that proved to be effective. Now the problem that reigns is mass production. In addition, we must add several scandals of corruption and privilege, in various regions of Latin America.

So, taking all aspects into account, around 10 Latin American countries announced that they started vaccination days. For now, the vast majority are focused on immunizing their population at risk and health personnel. However, the pace does not seem to be effective to overcome the health crisis.

Therefore, we are going to detail the top 5 of the Latin American countries with the largest population vaccinated against the coronavirus. The data was collected in a review by El País. In it they describe that the statistics were detailed in a rule of three. That is, a certain number for every 100 inhabitants.

Before detailing the top five of the countries of Latin America with more vaccinated there is an aspect to highlight. It’s about the work you do chili, which despite having changed health minister, amid the pandemic, leads the list.

Latin American countries with the most vaccinated

Chile: 15.1 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants
Brazil: 3.3 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants
Costa Rica: 1.9 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants
Argentina: 1.6 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants
Mexico: 1.3 vaccinated per 100 inhabitants

Countries such as Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela, announced through their governments that they have already received different vaccines against the coronavirus.

Finally, it is highlighted that the first to be used have been those of Pfizer Y AstraZeneca. While, the Coronavac Y Sputnik V they begin to be used more and more.

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