Which of these brilliant minds has a higher IQ?

The intelligence quotient (CI) is that measure or estimator of intelligence in general. The most orthodox scientists say that there is no single factor that is capable of measuring this characteristic. But a sector related to neurology expresses that, although the brain is very complex, it is predictive in many aspects.

Measurable or not, we cannot have an ounce of doubt that Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates are some of the greatest minds of our age. The success that each one registered in their field made their companies grow at stratospheric levels, turning them into pioneers of their economic, social, scientific and technological activity.

Some may have wondered if these four geniuses have a high IQ. And the answer, although it does not surprise you, is yes. Obviously they are super smart.

But how much? Are they moving away from normal levels? Also, which of all is the one with the best intellect capacity? We are going to tell you, while we compare with an expert from the past.

Let’s first of all know the standard levels of what an IQ is in the common denominator of our race. The Educa Live portal says that a normal person registers between 90 and 109 points.

Those who are between 110 and 119 are considered to have a high score, but within normal barriers. And those who reach 120-129 are above average. Albert Einstein, one of the most important physicists of the last 150 years, had an IQ (according to estimates) of 160; fairly tall.

It is even speculated that his brain was much heavier than that of other people. But those are just myths that were never confirmed, intended to further highlight his scientific achievements.

The IQs of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates

Starting from the base that the most important theoretical physicist of the 20th century leaves us, we have a measure to compare. You may be surprised, because one of the minds of the four personalities we bring to the fore in this post could exceed Einstein’s IQ figure.

We start with the shortest of all, in theory, Mark Zuckerberg. The creator of Facebook has about 152 IQ points, well above normal levels. Let’s remember that the social media mogul went to Harvard University to study Computer Science.

It is followed by another of the skulls in the world of technology, Bill Gates. The Microsoft founder, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and software developer has an IQ score of 160 on him. Before the Internet crashed, this brilliant mind was ranked as the fourth richest man in the world.

In second place is the perfect idealization of technology that Steve Jobs had. There are no exact figures for his IQ, but estimates place it at a number between 150 and 160. The Apple co-founder built the foundations of what is today the Cupertino giant.

Steve Jobs

While the ostentatious first place goes to the always controversial Elon Musk. Many may criticize what he currently does in the social networking business with Twitter.

But we must not forget that the South African tycoon, in addition to being a pioneer in the electric car industry through Tesla Motors, is the main promoter of space exploration by private companies.

If there is an opportunity for manned trips to Mars, the answer lies with his company, SpaceX, in conjunction with NASA, ESA and other space organizations. Elon Musk’s IQ is 165.

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