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After the worldwide controversy over the new WhatsApp privacy policy, many users are looking for a better instant messaging alternative, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Signal

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MEXICO.- The new privacy policy of WhatsApp has caused millions of users to decide to change instant messaging app as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Signal, But which one is the one that cares the most about my Privacy?

According to Sensor Tower, WhatsApp had an 11% drop in its number of downloads during the first week of 2021. On the contrary, Signal increased its demand with 7.5 million downloads, which represented an increase of 43 times in relation to the previous week.

Telegram has also benefited from these new terms and conditions of WhatsApp, since during the same period of time it has achieved 9 million new users, an increase of 91% compared to the previous week.

Something that makes attractive Signal is that the application collects little information from users, since it only stores the phone number and does not try to obtain more data from the user. In addition, the messages are end-to-end encrypted and it has an open source system, so anyone can access the application code and thus confirm that it is a secure platform.

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For its part, Telegram is the closest alternative to WhatsApp. But it should be noted that the amount of data that is linked to the user’s account is a little more than Signal.

Here are the data collected by each application:


Device ID User ID Advertising Data Purchase History Location Phone Number Email Address Contacts Product Interaction Crash Data Performance Data Other Diagnostic Data Payment Information Customer Support Other User Content

Facebook Messenger

Purchase History Other Financial Information Exact Location Approximate Location Physical Address Email Address Name Phone Number Other User Contact Information Contacts Photos or Videos Game Content Other User Content Search History Navigation History User ID Device ID Product Interaction Signs Advertising Data Other Usage Data Other Data Accident Data Performance Diagnostic Data Other Usage Data Accident Data Other Types of Accident Data PaymentPhotos or videosAudio dataGame contentCustomer supportSensitive informationiMessage


None (The only personal data stored Signal is your phone number, and does not attempt to link it to your identity).


Contact Information Contacts User ID

How will you see Signal is the best messaging app in terms of Privacy and security.

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It should be noted that experts on the subject have warned that if you decide to stop using WhatsApp because of the new conditions, but retains Facebook or Instagram, the first action would not have represented an advance in terms of its computer security, since these three apps are part of the same company and it would continue to have a record of the person.

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