“While money printers make brrr, more bitcoin the world needs”

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The journalist believes that sovereign individuals who own their own currency are multiplying.

Nigeria and Latin America are at the top of the evolution of money, according to the panelist.

The money printer brrr is already a universal language that has turned the nations of the world into banana republics, Max Keizer told the LaBitconf audience. The journalist, together with the television producer Stacy Herbert, analyzed the consequences of the massive issuance of fiat money by central banks and how citizens flee from inflation, taking refuge in bitcoin.

The digital versions of the hosts of the financial program Keizer Report, jumped to the stage of the Latin American conference of Bitcoin Y blockchain to explain how money printing has spread around the world.

Until recently, monetary issuance without control by central banks was something only known among the inhabitants of Latin American countries, but not so for residents of the “United States, where it is still not understood what happens when you encourage hyperinflation and your currency turns to garbage. However, we can already say that the money printing brrr is a universal language because now all countries do the same as Venezuela, Argentina and Zimbabwe ”, stated Max and Stacy during their participation.

The brrr that Keizer and Herbert referred to is related to a very popular meme among bitcoiners. It is the image of a man who prints tickets as if they were office papers. In itself, it reflects some concerns that have been raised about how governments appeal to their ability to generate money without backing with the idea of ​​combating economic crises, without evaluating that they also produce inflation.

In various nations of the world, such as VenezuelaIn Argentina and Zimbabwe, uncontrolled money printing has generated hyperinflation. A similar effect could be expected in the United States given the historic injection of liquidity from the Federal Reserve to finance hundreds of companies and millions of Americans in times of standstill and rising unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, from Keizer and Herbert’s perspective, the world economy has started on the path to deglobalization. They believe that with bitcoin an inverse process to globalization that implies the emergence of millions of sovereign individuals, legitimately owners of their own currency.

“While the money printers go brrrr, while they use their weapons of inflation and financial bailout for the rich, the elite, the oligarchs and the corrupt around the world; you have a weapon that can be a single satoshi. It is all you need to be a sovereign individual who will become a saver rather than a spender and increase his self-esteem. “

Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert, Keizer Report hosts.

Nigeria and Latin America at the top of the money evolution

As central banks print money and increase their money supply, Nigeria and Latin America are already at the top of the evolution of money. This is due to high level of adoption that these regions have reached, according to what Keizer and Herbert pointed out during their speech.

education economy countries inflation

education economy countries inflation

Max and Stacy highlighted the beginning of Satosheism, a stage in world history that is expanding as a parallel universe to save humanity from globalization. Source: Screenshot /

Stacy highlighted the example of Nigerian Abdaji Odunjo, a merchant who imports products from China and who for four months began using bitcoin to pay his suppliers. Using the pioneering cryptocurrency to complete his business allowed the man to discover a series of benefits. You now have an instant settlement system that allows you to save fees and streamline procedures by using your bitcoins as a unit of account. It means that you are using cryptocurrency as the standard unit for setting the price of the goods and services that you trade. According to the panelists, similar cases abound in Nigeria.

“Money has always evolved in stages, first it is collectible, then it is a store of value, it becomes a medium of exchange and later a unit of account. Well, in Nigeria bitcoin is already a unit of account, while other countries in the world are in the transition stage from a collectible bitcoin to considering it as store of value. Others more advanced already have it as a means of exchange, but in Nigeria they have reached the peak of the evolution of money… Nigeria and Latin America are the world leaders of bitcoin ”.

Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert, Keizer Report hosts.

Max and Stacy’s presentation closed the second day of LaBitConf conferences, an appointment in which several specialists from the crypto ecosystem also participate. Among them, the Bitcoin evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos, who during the first day invited to reflect on the essence of the pioneering cryptocurrency, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

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