Who are these investors (and why you should know them)

Not all investors are the same. There are those who prefer to focus on certain stocks or assets, because they believe that such an industry is promising. Still others may be starting out and prefer to opt for indices and other resources that could help reduce their risk. There are even those who decide to buy and sell based on their ethical codes and not just to maximize their wealth. All are valid, as they are adjusted to the needs of each one.

But there is always a group of investors who tend to stand out above the rest. It may be from experience, or from your professional training. These individuals are the ones who typically perform stellarly on their portfolio and are typically role models for the rest of the market. In traditional investment channels, it would be difficult to keep track of them. But on sites like eToro, there are tools that facilitate and encourage this collaboration.

Investors You Should Know: Popular Investor

Thanks to its Social Trading concept, eToro users can discuss and even copy the strategy of other investors on the platform. While this tool can be used with anyone, Popular Investors are the individuals who stand out above average. They are not only true examples for the rest of the community to follow to make better decisions with their portfolios. They are also ideal candidates for Copy Trading.

Not all investors can be Popular Investors. They must meet a series of specific requirements to be accepted into the program. Among them, have a good minimum monthly performance. The performance in the past never ensures that profits will be obtained in the future, however, other members of the platform will be able to know that their portfolio has a promising distribution and that it could lead them to grow their assets.

Of course, Popular Investors are not only figures to admire and follow their example by copying their portfolios. All investors who enter eToro can take part in this program, if they can meet the requirements. This not only ensures them an additional source of income for their portfolio. It also allows them to access exclusive benefits. Thus, it is possible to create an investment ecosystem where everyone can really benefit in the future.

Do you want to continue to or become a Popular Investor?

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