WHO asks to trust in vaccines against Covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) linked the success of a vaccination against Covid-19 to the fact that countries have prepared preparation plans and that it has the confidence of the population

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Copenhagen.- The World Health Organization (who) linked this Thursday the success of a future vaccination against Covid-19 that countries have preparedness plans ready and that it has the confidence of the population.

« The promise of a vaccine It is magnificent but it will not be able to reach its full potential without solid preparation and the acceptance of the community, « said the director for Europe of the who, Hans Kluge.

The fact that there are more than 200 vaccine candidates and that more than 50 are already in the human trials phase may change the « rules of the game » and vaccines will allow closing the acute phase of the epidemic, in combination with other initiatives of Health public, but until they arrive it is « essential » to maintain protective measures such as the use of masks.

Kluge recalled that the supply of vaccines in the initial phase will be « very limited », so it is necessary for countries to decide in advance who should be vaccinated first to maximize impact, and reiterated the recommendation that priority be given to health workers and social and people over 60 years.

The regional head of the who was sympathetic to the studies that suggest that in some countries about half of the population population is unsure about vaccination against COVID-19, but stressed that its acceptance is « essential » and urged to seek reliable information.

« Vaccination saves lives, fear puts them in danger, » Kluge emphasized in a virtual press conference from the regional headquarters of the who in Copenhagen.

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