Who is Booster Gold, the loser who redeems himself in DC?

During the presentation of the new DC Extended Universe, James Gunn referred to Booster Gold. He is a particular superhero, with a redemption story that may not be as close to the most common ones. This, which in appearance can be strange or inconspicuous, is one of the strengths in the future of the character within the franchise.

James Gunn, through his time in movies and series about superheroes, has been characterized by giving value and exposure to characters that escape from the mainstream. The filmmaker is a comic book mouse who seems to have an extensive file of references and curiosities about figures that escape the casual reader. Booster Gold could be one of them.

The new DC Extended Universe will be a mix of well-known figures such as Superman and Batman, along with a handful of characters with long-standing comic book lore. But they are not so well known by the general public. From James Gunn’s perspective, it could be understood as an interest in preserving classic aspects, clear references for the viewer. These would go hand in hand with other niche and not so commented.

The Booster Gold Story

His first appearance in comics was Booster Gold #1, published in February 1986. During his presentation of the new DC Extended Universe, James Gunn called Booster Gold “a loser”. The definition may be harsh, but it is not without truth. On the contrary, it is almost accurate. The history of the character, who in the publications is the alterego of Michael Jon Carter, is marked by questionable situations and decisions. Also due to a turbulent origin.

Michael Jon Carter grew up in 25th century Gotham City, in a home he shared with his mother and his twin sister Michelle. His father, on the other hand, gambled all his money, lost and left the family life. Although he grew up in a poor environment, he was able to work his way through the sport to gain some recognition and study options. He was a privileged athlete who represented the university playing football.

The upward career, perhaps unstoppable until professional sports, began to be cut short when his father reappeared. Influenced by him, Michael began to make a series of sporting decisions that undermined his career: he lost games so the old man could win a few coins in bets.

A journey to redemption

When this is discovered, Michael sees how the prestige he had earned vanishes. The athlete fell out of favor and was expelled from the University of Gotham City. Looking for a job, he found one at the Space Museum in Metropolis, the city where Superman lives. This job, apparently alien to much of what interested him, changes his life.

Michael had access to information and details about 20th century superheroes and villains. The young man saw in the past an opportunity to redeem himself. Knowing different historical facts, he could influence them. Something remained to be solved: how to travel in time? In the Museum itself he found the answer, stealing technology with which he arrived at that time that he studied.

Traveling back to the 20th century, Michael settled in Metropolis. The first historical event —within the comics— in which he takes sides is when Chiller, an assassin who changes physical form at will, tries to kill the President of the United States. This time traveler avoids it.

Thus began his journey of reinvention and cheating. His superhero name is explained by the combination of the nickname “Booster”, from when he played American football, and “Goldstar”, the way Michael wanted to be recognized. The mix came after Ronald Regan publicly introduced it as “Booster Gold.”

Then, that disgraced athlete approached something he had longed for so much: fame, in a world and a time different from his own.

The series, in the DC Extended Universe

According to what was announced by James Gunn, the series within the rebooted DC Extended Universe will carry a eponymous title for the character: simply Booster Gold. Although there was no release date announced and no information on the cast, there are some issues to consider. The first of these is the filmmaker’s relationship with eccentric figures within comics.

Peacemaker, The Suicide Squad by James Gunn

Through Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, James Gunn shows a tendency towards characters who are on the periphery of great stories. In each of these franchises he has been able to find figures that apparently are not striking to turn them into the axes of his adaptations.


Booster Gold could be a figure that fits that logic. His particularity is that he is someone full of traumas, aspirations, deceit and fame. Enough to imagine a series in which his origin is told, his miseries and also part of his transformation into a superhero that can be considered a con man is explored. James Gunn had no qualms about showing dark or compromising areas of his characters during The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. Although the filmmaker has not confirmed a scriptwriter or director, through his supervision the project could take a tone similar to those mentioned.

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