Who is going to take charge of the registration tax increase?

The next 2021 will be released, in the automotive world, with an increase in the price of cars that is estimated up to 1,000 euros according to the model. The entry into force of the WLTP emission measurement will register an increase in the polluting emissions of each vehicle and, therefore, the corresponding increase in road tax.

Despite requests from the industry to delay implementation (after a difficult year in sales) or at least change the bands used to determine what tax each car pays, the Government has already decided that the entry into force is immovable and there are no changes in the emission tranches.

Along these lines, the Catalan Automotive Federation (Fecavem) and the Motor Guild have announced that the concessionaires will not be the ones who have taken charge of this planned increase in road tax. Both entities have recalled that these establishments are not the ones that have to face a rise in state taxes and that It does not depend on them if the Government ignores the requests of the sector.


Dire consequences

From Faconauto they have already expressed the discomfort of the sector regarding this decision of the Government and predict a tough start to 2021 for car sales. “But, in addition, many brands will rethink whether in a country that is hostile to the automobile, it is worth investing,” explained the president of the federation Gerardo Pérez in statements to TV3.

Also, He stressed that this tax will not be paid by the sector but by the citizen, so the price increases of cars due to the rise in emissions results they will have a direct impact on drivers. This new scenario may be a sufficient condition for the registrations of new vehicles not to take off in 2021 as had been predicted at first.

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