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During Darkseid’s War, Batman asked Metron’s Mobius chair who the Joker was, and it’s time to reveal it!

Geoff Johns and Jason Fabook team up to complete one of the great surprises of their time in the Justice League, the identity of the crime clown. An answer that has taken years to arrive, and that does so on the Black Label label, DC Comics’ adult line, in a luxury format arrives Batman: The Three Jokers, the story that reveals the greatest mystery of the bat universe.

Gotham suffers again the crimes of the clown prince, several murders related to his modus operandi mark an easily recognizable pattern, but there are subtle differences between them, all applicable to the Joker, or rather, with the different behaviors that the chaotic Joker has been interspersing in his career. Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood are on the track, the object of the life of the clown, the woman who broke and the young man who murdered. Everything hides a new reality, not only is there a Joker, there is not only a murderer, but who are they? How could these different versions be created?

The series is presented in three installments, three acts, in which there are revelations, lies, big revelations, jokes, and many tributes and memories to the career of the criminal jester who has hounded Batman and terrorized Gotham for years. Geoff Johns has measured every change of pace and every turn of the script, so that the story never falters, maintaining a permanent tension while revealing the mystery of the Joker. The conflicts of each character with the clown move the psychological drama and make it clear that it is not a crime story, but of character construction, closing the old lines and focusing on the new, updating their relationships and changing the playing field.

But despite the great structure and the incredible treatment of characters, the plot has a short journey, it is not a long work, because it knows that there is no wood for a great bonfire. Johns handles the information he provides to the reader well, but there really is no mystery to him. Only a discovery that is revealed to him without having to try too hard, an impact, a surprise, the plot tension does not remain in the identity of the Joker, but in what the characters will do with the truth. How it marks them and will change them is a story that speaks of the future. And that, he leaves for whoever comes behind.

Jason Fabook is a major artist, with an enormous capacity for showmanship, in the Darkseid War he left a shocking work of gods and heroes fighting on the most impressive battlefields. In this case, they are streets and abandoned theaters, and their style mutates, leaving wide eyes to pay special attention to details and settings. The resemblance of many images to Gary Frank’s work is no coincidence, since the cartoonist is right now the example of how to make different superheroes, and Fabook is even “clonic” at times.

Batman Tres Jokers, is a good saga of the Bat Man, very well written, with a perfect rhythm, with measured and impressive script twists, with a cartoonist who continues to evolve and perfect his already remarkable artistic ability. But it is not as relevant or as powerful as it may seem, perhaps it is because of the advertising or the “hype” that has been created, but despite its quality, we are facing a very good Batman arc, we are not facing a work that will mark an epoch. The comparison with ‘The Killing Joke’ is too big for him, but it’s still a great Batman story.

Batman: Three JokersBatman: Three Jokers

Batman: Three Jokers

Url: Amazon

Author : Geoff Johns (author), Felip Tobar Pastor (translator)

Illustrator: Jason fabok

ISBN: 978-8418475511

Number of pages : 48

Description : Batman: Three Jokers reexamines the myth of who (or what) the Joker is and what lies behind his eternal battle against the Dark Knight. Why are there three Jokers? After years of speculation and great expectations since its appearance in the special DC Universe: Rebirth, the time has come to answer such a disturbing question. Responsible for the successful saga Justice League: Darkseid’s War, the creative team formed by Geoff Johns (The Doomsday Clock, Batman: Earth One) and Jason Fabok (Batman / Flash: Sheet Metal, The Swamp Thing: Saints with feet of clay) meets again to tell the definitive story of the Bat Man and the Clown Prince of Crime, through a three-part miniseries.

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