Who is the Voice of “The Dome of Money”?

The Money Dome


El Domo del Dinero is Telemundo’s new competition program.

Hosted by Zuleyka Rivera and Karim Mendiburu, El Domo del Dinero is a high-energy competition where viewers follow the competitors in their tireless fight to become absolute champions. In each episode, participants show off their physical skills as they go head-to-head on mega circuits packed with surprising twists. As audiences vote through to save their favorite contestants from elimination, fans witness their achievements, losses, eliminations and extraordinary victories, en route to the grand finale.

At The Money Dome, fans can enjoy a unique augmented reality experience exclusively through the new Activate TV application. With this innovative platform, users can experience all the excitement of the competition from their cell phones during the two-hour broadcast of the program.

Who is the Voice of “The Dome of Money”?

In addition to its hosts, El Domo del Dinero has a voice that animates each day of competition and closely follows everything that happens in the program. It is about the talented Mariano Chiesa, who at 39 years of age has a consolidated career in the world of entertainment in Spanish, thanks to his multifaceted voice and undeniable talent to put the necessary emotion in his projects.

Mariano is a presenter, singer, presenter and voice actor, a native of Argentina. He began his work in the media in 2001 in his native country, where he composed the voices of the characters that appeared in the renowned program Whoever that fails (The week in photos), the mosquitoes and bugs of Raid that are seen in each of its advertisements, as well as the voices of the Pepitos cookies, the Twistos bird and the institutional voice of brands such as Ax, Personal, Quilmes, Ole, Frávega, Aquarius, Billiken magazine and companies like Arcor, Coca Cola and Motorola.

Chiesa was also the announcer and the institutional voice of Elizabeth’s programs ¨La Negra¨ Vernaci on FM Rock and Pop, Radio Portable and Tarde Negra. He is currently the institutional voice of the Sony channel for Latin America and the channel specialized in music Much Music.

In 2004 he began his work as a leading actor, in animated films El Ratón Pérez, El Arca, Isidoro: the Movie, Boggie el Aceitoso and High School Musical, under the role of Ryan. But it was in 2006, when Mariano began to venture into the theater as a voice actor and producer in the play Los Padrinos Mágicos en el Gran Rex. After that play, he continued with Lazy Town I and II, at the Opera theater. Then with other children’s productions such as Backyardigans, Cartoonival from Cartoon Network, where Mariano also developed his work as a voice director and actor. One of the greatest successes in the children’s theater field came from the hand of Barney, whom Mariano also interprets with his voice.

In 2009 he was summoned by the famous cartoonist Nik, to be the voice of his famous character ¨Gaturro¨, in his first animated film. He also participated several times as a host for television shows.

Meet Mariano Chiesa

We were able to talk with Mariano about the adventure he undertakes every day in El Domo del Dinero, and this is what he told us:

– Mariano: how has this adventure turned out to be the voice of The Money Dome

– Your particular style has attracted attention from the beginning, do you feel that it is what the audience enjoys the most of such a different program?
– Every day you narrate what is happening, would you participate in a circuit? If so, which one?

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