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Herd immunity, or herd immunity, will not be reached by the world in 2021 even though there are already vaccines against the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Following the first anniversary of this global pandemic of Coronavirus Covid-19 one of the greatest points of hope is the fact that vaccines already exist. Same that have already begun to be distributed throughout the planet.

With this fact one of the most obvious assumptions is that we would soon achieve the desired herd immunity, also known as herd immunity.

We speak of this point where indirect protection against an infectious disease is achieved because the population has become immune. Either as a result of vaccination or having previously presented the infection.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) has just thrown away any expectations about reaching that point in 2021.

Missing a while

In her most recent press conference, the WHO chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, He warned that it takes a long stretch to reach the point of herd immunity.

So it would not happen this year even if the application of vaccines has already started all over the planet:

We are not going to achieve any level of herd immunity in 2021. It takes time. It takes time to scale the production of vaccine doses, not only in the millions, but here we are talking about billions.

The scientist asked the population to continue to use the three basic preventive measures for at least the rest of 2021: physical distancing, hand washing and use of face masks.

At this critical time it is necessary to exercise extreme caution and maintain patience. Particularly in those nations where the management of the pandemic has not been the best possible.

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