Why Apple Shouldn’t Remove the iPhone Charging Port

Much has been speculated on the possibility that Apple removes the Lightning charging port from iPhones and definitely replace it with wireless charging. Perhaps out of habit, the idea has never received good reviews from fans of the firm. However, a new report published by Bloomberg ensures that the decision could materialize very soon.

iPhone charging with lightning cable
The end of the Lightning closer and closer

From a technical point of view, an iPhone with wireless charging has many advantage, but for many, the absence of the Lightning port represents many more disadvantages and they hope that Apple will never take this step. But are they really compelling reasons?

Lightning or USB-C for the iPhone?

We share a compilation of some of the most common reasons why Apple should not remove the card port from iPhones.

CarPlay in a car
CarPlay works in many cars with the iPhone connected to a cable.

Access CarPlay: Some cars support Wireless CarPlay, Apple’s in-car technology that lets you view Apple Maps, Apple Music, and other apps on the bigger screen.

However, many cars released in recent years still require iPhone to be connected via cable for this to work. Therefore, in the first instance, this change would leave many users without the possibility of accessing this service.

Comfort: Taking into account common situations such as the need to charge the phone while traveling, wireless charging would not be the most comfortable option. In case you forget the wireless charger, the reality today is still much easier to find a replacement cable charger.

AirPods Pro
Apple surprises us with each new generation of AirPods.

Goodbye to the possibility of testing accessories: While it is true that Apple has an increasingly complete line of wireless headphones, the elimination of the charging port would leave users without the ability to use additional wired options, who prefer comfort or budget for taste.

Currently, and on the certainty that this decision may materialize at any time, some voices suggest the possibility that Apple should modify the Lightning port to USB-C.

Since generally all other phones and computers use USB-C for charging and data, including recent MacBooks and iPads. And of course, it would save us the cost of purchasing another wireless charger for just one device.

But, like Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, other Apple leakers referenced Ming-Chi Kuo and more recently Jon Prosser have ensured that this 2021 would be the definitive year for this transition. However, taking into account past experiences such a big change could take a few more years, giving consumers time to get used to wireless accessories.

Personally and to most of the criticism suggested by Apple’s innovations, I always choose to remember how many times similar episodes have happened, only for the company to eventually increase its user base and become a reference for other manufacturers in the industry.

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