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Since Elizabeth Olsen expressed interest in bringing it to the screen, through statements by Kevin Feige where he spoke about its importance for the first live-action show from Marvel Studios (via), there is no doubt that House of M I had been around for years among the creatives of the House of Ideas. Such a comic series – written by Brian Michael Bendis and published in 2005 – will not have yet achieved a literal adaptation within the MCU, but it certainly lives in the spirit of WandaVision, which this week had the privilege of inaugurating Phase 4 of the MCU.

Here is a general review of the plot of these comics, followed by some pertinent lines on their similarities to that original Disney Plus content, starring Olsen (Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision).

What is House of M about?

The story begins with an unstable Wanda Maximoff being guarded by her father Magneto and Charles Xavier in the (fictional) country of Genosha. The mutant’s abilities – consisting of altering reality on a large scale – are becoming impossible to neutralize, so Professor X decides to meet in New York with the Avengers, the X-Men and other superheroes to discuss how to deal with the Scarlet Witch and the eventual lack of control of her powers. For several of them, including Wolverine, there is only one option: assassinate her.

After discovering that his sister is in mortal danger, a shocked Quicksilver decides to warn Magneto, who initially expresses ignorance about how to handle the situation … Later, two groups led by Xavier arrive at Genosha, only to discover that Wanda has escaped. But that’s not the worst: one by one, the newcomers begin to disappear until only Spider-Man remains, who manages to witness a blinding white light before the world changes completely.

An alternate reality has emerged on a global level, where humans are a subordinate species to mutants, who in turn are dominated by Magneto and House Magnus (House of M), complemented by their children Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Meanwhile, some of the “surviving” superheroes are living dream lives, like Peter Parker, who is a celebrity happily married to Gwen Stacy. Apparently, only Wolverine is aware that the planet is mired in a falsehood, which he ascribes to a plan devised by Magneto with the purpose of – through Wanda’s abilities – to create a world where everyone’s deepest desires are comply. That supervillain, obviously, would have been mutant supremacy and absolute power.

With the help of a resistance movement, led by Luke Cage, Wolverine then takes on the task of looking for the Avengers and X-Men, in order to return their memories, defeat the “House of M” and thus return to the normal.

The bridge to WandaVision

It is very obvious that there are major divergences between the Disney Plus series and House of M, since WandaVision pays tribute to sitcoms of yesteryear while the Marvel Comics cartoons host a colossal crossover event, mostly led by the X-Men (still absent. of the MCU). However, it is also clear that both products seem to coincide in the trigger for their respective conflicts: a deranged Wanda Maximoff, using her powers to manipulate reality.

On the one hand, printed matter such as Planet X and Avengers Disassembled paved the way for the mental collapse of Scarlet Witch in House of M. On the other hand, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has not skimped on events that would also promote an insane side to the character played by Elizabeth Olsen. Wanda drags an extremely tragic past, marked by the death of her parents, her brother Pietro and her lover Vision. Then it would not be strange if the latent trauma had finally erupted to the point of destabilizing the hold on his magical powers. Or maybe she does control them, but in desperation she decided to withdraw into a dream world that she built herself, inspired by the charming format of some television comedies.

Just as alternate reality (in the comics) gives Spider-Man the wonderful life he always wanted, the Scarlet Witch stars in her own fantasy in WandaVision, with a “risen” Vision as husband and father to her future children. That said, it should not be forgotten that such offspring would also be a point of convergence between the comics and the Marvel Studios show, whose mere advances have revealed a pregnant Wanda. It so happens that in House of M, the artificial world also provided the superheroine with descendants: the twins William and Thomas, belonging to the House of Magnus and with a key role in the final battle. How will the presence of children influence WandaVision? That remains to be seen.

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