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Today emails are still very important and used. Especially that of Google that gives us access to all its services such as YouTube, Google, Drive, Docs, Android, Gmail, etc. For this reason, when you cannot access your account, the alarms go off.Why can’t I log into Gmail?

But don’t worry, there are several methods that we can apply to try to solve this problem quickly. Read on and you will find the solution to why I can’t log into Gmail.

I can’t log in to Gmail

Most of the time logging in is too simple a process that shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. We enter Gmail, we put our email and then the password, we give enter and we wait for the site to load to check our emails.

The problem is that sometimes I can’t log in to Gmail, either for one reason or another. But don’t worry, since it is not too complicated to solve any kind of problem you have when you log in to Gmail.

Verify email and password to log in to Gmail

We know that it is something quite obvious, but on many occasions by writing fast we end up writing anything. You will have to make sure that you are writing the email name correctly, even the domain @

The password must be correct, obviously. If you prefer, you can write it in a notepad and then copy it, paste it on the Gmail page and in this way you make sure you write the password correctly without errors.

Delete cookies and cache

It is incredible, but in many cases deleting cookies and cache solve many problems. It even happens in Android device applications. Just by deleting cookies, data and cache all problems are solved, the same thing happens here.

Why can't I log in to GmailWhy can't I log in to Gmail

To do this we open Chrome and we are going to press on the three points that are found at the top right. A new menu is displayed where we will have to click on “More tools”.

Now we must click on the submenu “Clear browsing data”. A new tab opens where we will have the option to delete the Chrome browsing data. It is best to delete your browsing data from the beginning of time.

Try another browser

On many occasions if we try with another browser, the problem no longer exists. It is quite normal that some websites have one or another problem with some browsers, even the most popular ones like Chrome or Firefox. So try using Edge or Opera.

Check the service status

It may be that Gmail experiences some kind of problem, in that case we will have to check the Google service status. You can even try to log in from your mobile, if you can, then you must have a problem with your browser or your PC’s internet connection.

Recover your account

Another thing we can do is recover the account in case of entering an incorrect password. For this we simply go to the login page and click on “Have you forgotten your email?” Here you can enter the email or phone number that you have linked to it.

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