Why did Gaby Espino think she was going to die?

Why did Gaby Espino think she was going to die?


Gaby Espino thought she was going to die after the separation of actor Jencarlos Canela.

In a recent Telemundo virtual panel on female empowerment, Gaby Espino confessed that she thought she was going to die after her separation from Jencarlos Canela in mid-August 2014.

“An anecdote that made me feel unstoppable, that made me discover strengths that I didn’t know I had and that made me discover passions for different things that I didn’t know I felt was my separation, my separation with Jencarlos, Nickolas’s father” Espino pointed out when referring to their separation process.

The Venezuelan actress went on to mention that facing her separation was so hard that for a moment she thought the worst would happen: “I thought I was going to die, that is, I thought I was going to die.”

However, the television presenter also explained that her children strengthened her to get ahead after her imminent separation from Canela: “The desire to get them out reaffirmed me that I am an unstoppable woman, that everything is a cycle, that if you heal positively, you will come back to stop and that’s why you realize that women are unstoppable, that is, there is no obstacle ”.

Gaby Espino was very sincere in assuring that her separation became a healing process for her that made her discover the positive: “I think that experience marked me a lot because, you know, when there is no resentment in your heart, no there is absolutely nothing because you heal beautifully and rather an experience that at the time was negative or sad is the experience that has given you the most strength to go further in your life ”.

Espino referred to his children as an unbreakable strength: “When you have that strength to fight for, which in my case are my children, my family, you can do everything and when you are convinced to heal beautifully, to heal positively, to transform that love makes you happy again and you move forward and there is no obstacle that stops you. “

Currently, the 43-year-old interpreter is preparing to return to melodramas with the premiere of the series “La luck de Loli” on Telemundo. In the project, Espino will play the character of Paulina.

The Venezuelan actress had been away from acting after a brief guest appearance she made on the Telemundo series “Betty en NY” in 2019.

Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela: How long were you together?


The love story of Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela began after they met on the recordings of the telenovela “Más sabe el diablo” on Telemundo in 2009. At that time, the couple became one of the most famous in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry.

In February 2012, Espino and Canela welcomed their first child together: Nickolas Canela Espino, who was born in the city of Miami.

In August 2014, the couple announced their separation through a press release that they made known on the Twitter platform: “To all the media and the general public: For the immense affection we have for all our fans around the world, we want to inform you that for some time we have decided by mutual agreement to put an end to our sentimental relationship in the best of terms and with all the respect our family deserves ”.

Despite their separation, Gaby Espino and Jencarlos Canela maintain a very good friendship relationship today for the well-being of their son Nickolas.

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