Why it is a bad idea to use your cell phone to listen to music in the bathroom while you take a shower

Although it is a common ritual, the reality is that using your cell phone in the bathroom to listen to music at full volume while taking a shower can be a terrible idea.

A few days ago we witnessed a curious story, where an iPhone 11 with IP68 certification was able to survive submerged for a week at the bottom of a lake to later be rescued and remain 100% functional.

It is the story of a miracle that is practically inconceivable for the vast majority of users accustomed to the rough use of their smartphones, where their terminals have stopped working due to acts much less extreme than the one described.

And it is that smartphones are delicate devices, where some are more fragile than others and require greater care if we seek to keep them for a longer time.

In this sense, those who are exposed in their daily routine to harsh environments, with a lot of dirt, dust and even water that can come into direct contact with the device, usually look for high-end terminals with IP68 certification.

This in theory guarantees greater resistance and longevity of the device. But it does not always work that way and there are specific scenarios in which it is best not to expose yourself.

For this simple reason you should not listen to music with your cell phone in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the environments with the greatest exposure to humidity in any home, logically it is also a place where there is a greater risk of an accident where the user can put their device in direct contact with a jet of water.

Have a certification IP68 (Ingress Protection against dust particles and water, technically), it is not always a guarantee that the device will come out intact in the event of an incident.

However, there is this recurring behavior where many tend to take the phone to the shower to listen to music, even if it leads to direct contact that can annoy the smartphone.

In theory, IP68 can withstand up to one meter of immersion, but it doesn’t always work that way and there are relatively few models that support that degree of resistance.

So the risk of damaging the device in the shower is high, since when the water enters the humidity in the environment it can generate condensation inside the phone if there is any leak.

In the event of an incident, the first thing to do is not to move or shake the phone. Since by making this mistake the water could leak deeper to come into contact with more delicate components.

So it is best to immediately turn off the device in case of exposure, do not shake it and wait for it to dry with the natural heat of the sun and room temperature.

From there you can turn on the phone and know the real magnitude of the damage.