“Why kill this man who did not have time to make the slightest gesture?”: An indictment without concessions to the Charlie Hebdo trial

“I still smell that metallic smell of death, the cold breath of those days in January 2015.“Magistrate Julie Holveck was on duty the day the cartoonists Charb, Cabu, Wolinski, Tignous and seven other people were murdered at Charlie Hebdo.

Monday, before the Special Assize Court of Paris, she delivered the indictment with her colleague, Advocate General Jean-Michel Bourlès, on this “deadly journey“which killed a total of seventeen in three days: Charlie Hebdo, the execution in the middle of the street of the courageous policeman Ahmed Merabet, that of the police copy Clarissa Jean-Phillipe who saved the college and the synagogue of Montrouge from ‘a massacre, then the assassination of four people of Jewish faith at the Hyper Cacher store, not to mention an assassination attempt against a jogger and the explosion of a car whose debris flew 400 meters away.

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