Why Masshylia is creating French expertise in green hydrogen

A 40 MW electrolyser capable of producing 5 tonnes of green hydrogen using 100% renewable electricity … A site, La Mède, which is continuing its energy transition. Two groups – Engie and Total – to carry it. And innovative processes to manage, support everything … Massylia, by its scope and its promises, acts as a sort of accelerator of French expertise in terms of green hydrogen.

Upstream, it took a year of pre-studies to lay down, define the outlines, the size that the project would take. The choice of La Mède is almost logical. The Total site, which announced its energy conversion in 2015, is positioning itself as a platform dedicated to the energies of the future. Moreover, it integrates different platforms dedicated to electricity production, biofuels, AdBlue as well as a logistics platform and a training center. And Masshylia’s goal is to do more than proof of concept. The objective is to test, produce and allow replication elsewhere, on a larger scale.

Disrupt what is known

One of the challenges is in particular the management of the intermittence of renewable energy produced by solar farms which “ must…

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