Why the next Extraordinary General Assembly of Europlasma will be important

On Wednesday February 24, 2021, the Europlasma group, whose administrative management is in Pessac (Gironde / Bordeaux Métropole), the headquarters and industrial facilities in Morcenx (Landes), are organizing an extraordinary general meeting in its metropolitan premises. Objective for this leader in the fight against plasma torch pollution: to authorize the board of directors to issue the securities necessary for the financing of the group and its development.

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A new sequence of securities issues which will be carried out with the elimination of preferential subscription rights. This transaction is part of the already announced debt liquidation plan for 21 million euros. To erase the latter from Europlasma’s balance sheet, shareholders will make their contribution and generate a financing tranche of 6.5 million euros by issuing 650 bonds convertible into shares (OCA), with a unit value of 10,000 euros.

Dilution at 0.76% for 1% of the capital held

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