Will we get to see Android 21 in Dragon Ball Super? This is all we know about the character

The new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga brings us closer to a possibility of finally having Android 21 as part of the canon of the series. The character, created by Akira Toriyama, has only appeared in the franchise’s video games, but has not yet had any involvement in the development of the stories.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a recent film produced by Toei Animation with the active participation of Toyotaro and Toriyama sensei, shows us his face for the first time, but don’t be confused; she is not Android 21.

Who appears on the scene, in a kind of organization chart in the offices of the Red Patrol, is Vomi, wife of Dr. Gero in life, and precisely on whom he based himself for the creation of this powerful assassin Android.

Vomi was also a scientist for the evil organization that Goku has been defeating since he was a child.

Dr. Gero’s wife died under unknown circumstances when they were both young. She had already had a son with the same scientist, named Gevo, who they based on to make Android 16.

Will we see Android 21 in Dragon Ball Super?

The brief appearance of Vomi’s face gives us hope that we’ll likely see Android 21 in the not-so-distant future. The fact that in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero the villain has come from the rebirth of the Red Patrol is another indication.

And what unfolds in the new arc of the manga, with Dr. Hedo as the main focus to face, is definitely the sign that would lead us to see Android 21.

Not only because of his association with the Red Patrol and his ability to create humanoids, but also because this other scientist is the grandson of Dr. Gero and by default he is also Vomi’s.

In this way, all the pieces would be in place so that sooner or later we will see Android 21. It is not clear if as a threat or as an ally, since in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Hedo ends up working with Bulma .