William Levy confesses that he loves Carmen Villalobos: Why are they together?

William Levy confesses that he loves Carmen Villalobos: Telenovela Café


William Levy confesses that he loves Carmen Villalobos

William Levy is considered by his loyal fans as one of the most handsome and attractive men in the entertainment world, who often arouses all kinds of illusions. And although for years his heart has been in the hands of the mother of his children, the actress Elizabeth Gutiérrez, the Cuban heartthrob confessed this time that he loves another beautiful famous woman.

The 40-year-old Cuban, who is in Colombia recording the remake of the popular soap opera “Café con aroma de mujer”, which starred the beautiful Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker more than 20 years ago, spoke with People magazine in Spanish, and there he spoke of the beautiful relationship he has with Carmen Villalobos, with whom he shares credits in melodrama. She acts as the antagonist in the series.

“In real life we ​​love each other very much, we love each other. In the novel there is enormous gratitude, affection, love and appreciation from both of them. That relationship is going to evolve and transform as the story changes and evolves, “said Levy, showing that the love he feels for the actress is brotherly. “I couldn’t tell you more because we don’t know what could happen. The [guiones de los] chapters are arriving and they are surprising us. We don’t have the end yet; we have up to chapter 50 and it’s 80 ”.

And about the love for Levy and for the character he plays in the telenovela, the Telemundo star, recognized for the series Sin senos si hay paraíso, made it clear in People in Spanish that the feeling is mutual.

“The novel starts with a couple [William y yo] that has five years of established relationship. On the way they will realize if we love each other, if we hate each other [ríe]. I will always love him. [Mi] Lucía’s character is going to defend that love tooth and nail until the end, ”said the actress.

And speaking more about her character’s love for Levy, Carmen Villalobos added: “Lucía loves Sebastián. What happens is that he trusted a lot that he had him by his side, that was his big mistake. He trusted and I think he stopped pouring water into the matica and then when he realizes it he says: ‘Oops, what happened here.

The Colombian beauty mentioned being very excited about this new project, and said that it moved her to accept that character because it is something very different from what she had always done on screen.

“I came from doing narcoseries [El señor de los cielos y Sin senos no hay paraíso], and I said: ‘How great to be able to explore another genre of series’. And, well, the subject of antagonism moved the floor a lot because how rich it is not to be the good one, but the one who makes people suffer, “he told the aforementioned publication.

“Although, beware, this is a very real villain, very human. [Además] a story as emblematic as Café…, one of the most important novels that Colombia has had in its history, to be part of this new version is a dream come true ”, added Villalobos.

Levy, for his part, who marks the return to telenovelas after a 7-year absence, said his grandmother and mother, who saw the original story of Woman-scented Coffee, are happy to see him in this remake.

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