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Winter in a swimsuit, Alexa Dellanos models from the pool | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful American model Alexa Dellanos continues to enjoy her life in a big way and taking pictures in the process, all to pamper her loyal Instagram followers who continue to monitor her profile.

In case you didn’t know, Alexa Dellanos is a cute American model daughter of Myrka dellanos a famous Telemundo presenter and has managed to gain great popularity as an influencer, representing various fashion brands and also sharing her luxurious lifestyle, full of fun and adventures.

On this occasion, the young woman showed that although it is cold, she will spend the winter in a bathing suit so her beauty is always exposed and her fans manage to enjoy it to the fullest on her official Instagram.

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He shared this with a photograph in which he appears from the pool modeling a very cute black swimsuit and expressing in the description of the photo that he was a bit cold at the moment but that it was worth it, because he enjoys an excellent time with his couple.

As is customary, the beautiful model delighted the pupils of her loyal followers who managed to enjoy her blonde hair and especially her beautiful curves with which she has conquered social networks, placing herself as one of the favorite models of many Internet users.

Her entertainment pieces always manage to gather tens of thousands of fans and this time it was no exception, with more than 50,000 likes and thousands of comments where they seek to flatter her and write her some creative compliments to get her attention.


And this is not all Alexa also enjoys sharing her personal life through her stories, where she always seeks to bring us a little closer to her journeys. Just yesterday he was turning around in a Racer and he even took a picture standing on top of him and while he was walking through the sand dunes of a beautiful beach.

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Alexa also shared her most personal moments with us while taking a shower in the sudsy tub. He also shared with us the vegan dish that he had for dinner last night, one that by the way looks delicious and even invited us to try veganism.

The beautiful influencer is also doing a dynamic in her stories, in which she asks her fans where they are from, because she would love to know the origin of her fans to know from which parts of the world they are watching her, since she has followers from all corners but they are mostly Spanish speakers.

Despite the fact that last year was full of worries, Alexa Dellanos is ready to turn the page, it should be remembered that she had a few moments of great stress and worry, thanks to the fact that her mother did not stop working and attending the Telemundo facilities to continue reporting something that caused him quite a fear.

Alexa has faith that she and her mother are safer with the arrival of the vaccine, so she has been dedicating herself to enjoying life by walking but without neglecting any moment of course because we must remember that many precautions still need to be taken to avoid any contagion.

Alexa Dellanos will continue to give us what to talk about, so we recommend that you not miss anything about her on Show News, but above all so that you don’t miss the best photos of her beauty.

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