Winter tires are the best precaution against the risk of snowfall

The drop in temperatures and the arrival of snow during the last December bridge has finally confirmed the start of winter, so it’s time to start preparing the cars so that the rainfall typical of this time of year do not surprise us on the road.

A car travels on the N-344 on the border between the provinces of Albacete and Murcia.

A good way to Being responsible and forward-looking drivers is changing your car’s conventional tires for winter ones. Although in Spain there is no obligation to circulate with this type of wheels, in the presence of snow it is possible that the authorities will not allow you to continue driving without chains or without the appropriate tires.

This is one of the most compelling reasons to fit winter tires and thus, in the face of any possible unforeseen or unexpected snowfall, be prepared. But this is not the only benefit winter wheels bring.

As explained from Goodyear, summer tires (which are the most common) worsen your grip against the lower temperatures, while the winter ones are designed to withstand temperatures below 7 degrees.

Car with snow chains

It should also be noted that its marking is specially designed to be able to circulate with snow on the road without the need for chains, so in addition to driving safety, these tires avoid the cumbersome process of mounting these snow devices.

Besides for the snowwinter tires are also perfect for maintaining grip on the road against other atmospheric phenomena such as abundant rain thanks to its drawing. They are just as effective against ice sheets or those that are more slippery due to humidity and cold.

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