With 181,309 new infections, the US is close to 15 million cases of COVID-19

15 minutes. The United States (USA) is close to 15 million cases of COVID-19, reaching this Sunday the figure of 14,748,838 infections and 282,231 deaths from the COVID-19 disease, according to the independent count of the Johns Hopkins University.

This balance at 20:00 local time (01:00 GMT on Monday) is 1,110 more deaths than on Saturday and 181,309 new infections.

The figures represent a drop compared to the previous days, in which the country reached three consecutive records of daily infections.

On Saturday, 229,859 new infections of COVID-19 were recorded in the US, while a day before, 225,594 new positive cases were added to the statistics of the pandemic in the US.

New York State remains the worst hit in the country with 34,958 deaths, followed by Texas (23,135), California (19,921), Florida (19,177) and New Jersey (17,321).

Other states with a large death toll are Illinois (14,116), Pennsylvania (11,255), Massachusetts (11,044), Michigan (10,321, unchanged from the previous day) or Georgia (9,806).

In terms of infections, California remains in the first place with 1,364,561 cases. Texas is next with 1,321,179, Florida is third with 1,058,074, Illinois is fourth with 787,573 and New York is in fifth place, with 705,827.

Joe Biden on COVID-19

In this context, this Monday Joe Biden announced the nominees to make up his health team, which will be led by Latino Xavier Becerra, as Secretary of Health, who will work with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who will remain as a medical advisor for COVID-19 – to cope with the pandemic.

In making the announcement, the transition team said that this election will address one of the “most difficult challenges” in the country: “controlling the pandemic so that the American people can return to work, regain their lives and be reunited with their loved ones.” .

“Are you going to let me work?”

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