With a new target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, London is positioning itself as a climate leader

With a new target of 68% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1990, the UK wants “lead by exampleBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday. The country’s ambition was previously to achieve a 53% decrease by the end of the decade. This upward revision aims to put the country on a path that will allow it achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, implying a major transformation of the UK economy.

This announcement precedes the Climate Summit organized by the United Nations and the United Kingdom on December 12, on the occasion of the five years of the anniversary of the Paris Agreement. The British are also due to host – in 2021 in Glasgow – the major UN climate conference, the Cop26.

Pressure on the EU

This is much more ambitious than the targets set by other major economies“, underlined Boris Johnson, putting in the passage the pressure on the other industrialized countries, and in particular the heads of state and government of the EU who must try to agree Thursday on an increase of their own goal 2030 for the from -40% currently to at least -55%. A decision compromised by the attitude of general obstruction of Poland and Hungary, engaged in a standoff with their European partners over respect for the state of law.

The Conservative government of Boris Johnson recently unveiled its projects structured in ten axes for a “green industrial revolution“, supposed to create and support 250,000 jobs by the end of the decade.

This announcement by the British “strongly encourages other major economies to follow their example“, reacted Sonam P. Wangdi, who chairs the group of Least Developed Countries at the United Nations climate convention. But”now the hard work begins. The UK must translate its commitments into political and financial measures “, he added.

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