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On January 12, ‘Sálvame’ began by talking about a well-known Telecinco character « who now he is on the street starving« . Kiko Hernández was in charge of presenting the first part of the space where she told that someone had warned them that a famous person would be in complete disgrace: « He has gone from living at full speed to living in absolute destitution »said the contributor. A few hours later, the program revealed which was the character who lived in such conditions, Paco Porras.

Miguel Ernesto, friend of Paco Porras in ‘Sálvame’

« With everything I’ve had, now I’m poorer than anyone. I’m terrible », Porras confessed by phone to the program days before his disappearance. The character of ‘Martian Chronicles’ stated that he did not have a job and that the medication necessary for his heart problem was very expensive: « I don’t even have the medicines. » As if that were not enough, the famous one said that other celebrities owe him money: « If I told you names of celebrities … ». The writing of the program received the warning from his friend, Miguel Ernesto, who asked ‘Save me’ for help to find him: « He is in misery, he has dedicated himself to going through the churches asking for help. »

« He has nowhere to fall dead, many times I have come to fear for his life. Paco is desperate, very bad, very nervous« said Porras’s friend in the phone call he made to the program. Later, Kiko Hernández and the rest of the collaborators contacted Ernesto directly, who explained that the priest was » very ill, he doesn’t charge anything, he doesn’t have anything « . The famous friend’s friend stated that he lived with him for three years, but that he currently does not know where he is: « He has left home and has not told me anything ».

The call of ‘Save me’ to find Paco Porras

At the beginning of the program and with images of the snow left by the storm Filomena, ‘Sálvame’ asked that Paco Porras be found: « He does not find refuge in these freezing days. The streets covered with snow and ice have become his home and his hell. Hours are crucial. The longer he spends in the open, the more danger his life is. We are going to try to find this famous person with whom we have shared so many hours of television. We want it to be safe. We just hope that when we find him it’s not too late. « 

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