With an iPhone in your photo you have more options to flirt than with an Android

Apple devices have many advantages that we all know, software updates for years, great quality of materials, solid operating systems or a unique technical service, but what we did not know is that they also they are an advantage when it comes to flirting. If you have an Apple device visible in your dating app profile photos you can achieve up to 76% more success, that is, 76% more matches.

The study has been prepared by Comparemymobile.com. What they did was create identical user profiles on a wide variety of dating apps in various cities around the world. The only difference between the photos was the devices that appeared in them. Having an iPhone, Apple Watch or AirPods visible in the photo had a positive impact. On the contrary, if a smartphone from Google, Sony or Huawei was seen, the impact was negative.

Using Apple Devices Can Help You Flirt

The study prepared shows the percentage of impact of different devices, using an Apple device can help you up to 76%On the other hand, having a Huawei reduces your chances of a match by 23%. Samsung is the only brand that also has a positive impact, of around 19%. These are the percentages of help when it comes to flirting if you see an Apple device:

iPhone: + 76%
Apple Watch: + 61%
AirPods: + 41%

As for the rest of the brands, this is its impact on the percentage of matches. If you have any of these devices, it is better not to show it in your profile picture.

Samsung: + 19%.
Google: -10%
Sony: -14%
Huawei: -23%
OnePlus: -30%
BlackBerry: -74%

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The study also leaves us other interesting data and details. For example, in New York the most appreciated device was the AirPods, in London, Los Angeles and Vancouver, it was the iPhone 11, in San Francisco and Manchester it was the Apple Watch. Also it seems that those under 35 are the most influenced by the devices featured in profile photos, and women also seem to be more attracted than men according to the study.

In the competitive and often bizarre world of online dating, our research found that even the seemingly smallest things can have a big impact, especially in the biggest cities.

Our study found that singles under 35 were more likely to be influenced by the phone you have than the car you drive, and Apple products give those seeking love a distinct advantage over the rest, perhaps due to higher cost or the ‘cool factor’ associated with the brand.

We don’t know what would happen if you have the complete pack and you appear in your profile photo with an iPhone, some AirPods and an Apple Watch, you can try it. What does seem clear is that it is easier to flirt if you use Apple devices, at least in current dating apps.