With The App List you can search for free applications for a limited time

If you have seen some applications that have caught your attention and you consider that they could be very useful for your productivity or entertainment, but the cost of the application It becomes a problem for you or it does not seem appropriate, with The App List you will be able to know when they drop in price or are even free for a limited time.

Find the best price for your applications

The App List is an application free that allows you to monitor the information, as well as to know the data and movements in the prices of the applications that you discover in the App Store. That is, you will be able to add and organize cost applications that have caught your attention, easily know their metadata such as size, version and compatibility; you will get to receive “free for a limited time” notifications, cost reduction and upgrades.

In general, with The App List you can get the applications at a lower cost or for free through a notification when the developer makes these changes in the App Store.

How to use The App List

I know integrates to the drop-down menu of your App Store as an extension to be able to add the app to your list of shopping interests more easily. It is also easy to add an interest directly from the application, since it is only enough to copy the link from the store application and when entering the application a window will immediately pop up to add it to the list.

The App List has more options such as the possibility of organize apps by categories, mute or activate notifications, open the offer of the interest list from the same app and more.

In addition, the application has settings that allow the user to exchange their interest lists in the various regions of the App Store, sync with iCloud, change the design of the app icon and the priority of the information in the lists.

We recently brought an excellent VPN for your iPad and we talked about Backdrops to download wallpapers. This time it is time to recommend The App List so that you are always aware of the applications that interest you the most and you can get them at lower cost or totally free.