With Vucetich, Chivas play a more collective game, says Angulo – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Karla Torrijos

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, January 15, 2021, p. a10

Five months after the arrival of coach Víctor Manuel Vucetich to the Chivas bench, the squad is much more united and displays a more collective game, something that did not happen with technician Luis Fernando Tena, considered the rojiblanco midfielder Jesús Angulo .

Last tournament there was not so much that the team played more together, more collectively, it played easy. From my point of view there were more individualities and now I observe the more united group, obviously we have elements that can make a difference, but I believe that today it is a much more solid and compact establishment, he said yesterday in a virtual conference.

On the other hand, Canelo estimated that despite the debut in the Guardianes 2021 tournament with a 1-1 draw against Puebla, the Sacred Rebaño should not change their way of playing, since it allowed them to advance to the league the previous season .

I don’t think it should be that different (the style), there are things to improve, but the scheme and the whole approach are the same. There are high-quality players who can help the team more and make it possible for us to be in a final now. Last tournament nobody trusted this squad and we managed to get into the important instances, it will be positive to trust ourselves to advance further than the previous season, he said.

They will face Toluca

On date two of the 2021 Guardians tournament, the Guadalajara team will face the Red Devils of Toluca next Saturday, a duel in which, according to Angulo, his team must be attentive to the dangerousness of the Argentine midfielder Rubens Sambueza.

“He is a great player, he can change your game at any time, but we also have elements like that. He is an unbalanced footballer, very important for his team and we will have to find a way to stop his game a bit.

Toluca strengthened well, changed the technical director and that may have motivated them. It is up to us to concentrate on our own work and do it in the best way, only then will the result be given, concluded the midfielder.

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