Without consulting his advisers, Trump offered Kim to take him home on the presidential plane.

15 minutes. Former President of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, offered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to take him home on Air Force One, the US presidential plane, after the summit they both held in Vietnam in 2019.

As explained to the chain CNN A former senior Administration official who participated in that meeting, Trump did not ask any of his advisers if there would be a problem before making such an offer.

“He just did it for his friend,” said the former official, who the network did not identify, referring to the good relationship Trump had with Kim.

Kim refused Trump’s generosity

Chain CNN He remembered that it was the British BBC the first to report this story now confirmed.

In it, Matthew Pottinger, the top Asia expert for the US National Security Council, recounted that “President Trump offered Kim to take him home on Air Force One.”

“The president (Trump) knew that Kim had arrived on a multi-day train ride through China to Hanoi and the president said, ‘I can take you home in 2 hours if you want.’ Kim refused.”

They had several meetings

The surprising offer came at the conclusion of the Hanoi summit in which no agreement was reached, after Kim insisted that all US sanctions on his country be lifted.

The then-US president said that Kim had offered to take some steps to dismantle his nuclear arsenal, but not enough to justify ending the sanctions regime against the country.

The peculiar relations between Trump and the North Korean dictator, with whom he had several meetings, were the subject of numerous comments and analysis in the international press.

Both came to publicly acknowledge that they were in good harmony, although they never achieved an agreement or rapprochement between the countries.

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