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By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 01/12/2021 5:29 pm

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This morning, multiple complaints began to surface against Totalplay in social networks, one of the main internet and telephony providers in the Mexico City, and there was a lot of confusion about it. What happened was that several users reported that their services were cut off without prior notice, and only received a warning from the company letting them know that “they had exceeded their mega limit”, while at the same time seeking to offer them a business plan until ten times more expensive.

At first, it seemed that this new “restriction” only applied to content creators, streamers and other personalities of the internet, but over time it turned out that it was also affecting ordinary users.

How much is this supposed limit? Nobody really knows. Some users say that using only 1TB they were already suspended from the service, while others argue that they used about 5TB before the service was canceled.

Via Twitter, the official account of Totalplay shared a statement responding to the original article published by Xataka Mexico, with which they hope to clarify the situation a bit:

In addition to said statement, the company has not commented on these new restrictions on residential packages, but we hope that the confusion can be resolved as soon as possible.

Source: Xataka Mexico

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