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A woman takes some snow and then takes it inside her home and through an « experiment » with a lighter tries to show that it is not snow

| 01/10/2021 |
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SPAIN.- After the intense and historic storm of snowFilomena‘, which has been registered in Spain, in social networks they have been filled with hundreds of images of the Spanish streets completely covered in white.

Undoubtedly, what has caught the attention of Internet users in a video in which a woman ensures that the snow that falls, is not snow and that it is more about plastic.

In the video, the woman take some snow from your terrace to make a ball, then take it inside your home and by means of an « experiment » with a lighter tries to show that it is not snow.

By this peculiar belief of the woman, the video has gone viral and has given something to talk about not only in Spain, but in other countries.

Try to show that it is not snow

The fact that the ball does not fall apart immediately, that a part of it turns black, and that the operation leaves an odor « of plastic burned « are for the woman convincing evidence that snow It is not snow.

For this reason, in his controversial video, he assures that when heating the ball « water should fall and be undone, because it is obvious that with fire it has to do it (…) this is the shit they send us, pure plastic. They keep fooling us with everything « , you can see the protagonist of this controversial video say.

The snow did not melt with fire

As expected, the images have not been slow to go viral, generating many reactions attacking with all kinds of jokes against the experiment of the woman.

« The snow what has that lady caught is snow, but the fire of his lighter is not fire « , or that » the water they send us is not water either « , but » liquid polyethylene injected into the atmosphere as an aerosol « , are some of the sarcastic comments that this video has unleashed.

But despite all the ridicule and laughter that this case has generated, some Internet users, such as the biologist Álvaro Bayón, have taken on the task of explaining the nature of the phenomenon.

It turns out that although snow It does melt, due to solar radiation, when exposed to the flame of a lighter, as happens with igloos, the ball absorbs the melted water and the black stain is generated by impurities in the fuel, creating soot. On the other hand, if the fire barely touches the snow the water will start to drip.

It is worth mentioning that the storm Filomena, has recorded a historic drop of snow in the European country.

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