Women march in support of the candidacy of Salgado Macedonio to the government of Guerrero – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Enrique Villagómez

Chilpancingo.- More than five thousand women from different regions of Guerrero marched through the main streets and avenues of Chilpancingo to support the candidacy of the Morenoite senator Félix Salgado Macedonio to the state government.

During the march, the women, who dressed in white and displayed banners and blankets in support of the licensed senator, demanded that the victory that Salgado Macedonio obtained in the internal polls applied by the Morena national leadership be respected to designate their candidate. to the Guerrero government, in addition to asking for the end of the “dirty war” part of those who were not favored with the result of that popular consultation.

“Félix you are not alone, the women of Guerrero are with you”, “We demand respect for the triumph of Ing. Félix Salgado”, “Irma Eréndira takes her hands out of the electoral process”, “The real women of Guerrero are up in the fight with Félix Salgado ”,“ No to the imposition of candidates, the people bet on the bull ”, were some of the messages that could be read during the march.

Marisol Bazán, state leader of the organization Mujeres Morenas de Guerrero, assured that in this march “women from Guerrero did participate,” who are supporting the entire candidacy of Félix Salgado for the governorship of Guerrero.

He criticized the media lynching that is being promoted against his candidate for an alleged accusation of sexual violence, which he said is not legally proven, much less tried.

On Monday, on the other hand, feminist groups and groups for the defense of women’s rights demanded that the accusations of rape against Salgado Macedonio be investigated.

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