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Ceramic dildos created by Mexican artist Iza Lozano have caused controversy in New Zealand

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The ceramic dildos created by the Mexican artist Iza Lozano have caused controversy in New Zealand, where the president of the Potters Association Wellington resigned after unsuccessfully trying to organize a workshop on these sex toys.

« I am surprised that this proposal has caused so much scandal since I have previously presented it in Mexico, » Iza Lozano told Efe, stressing that his intention was not « to polarize or cause conflict in the community. »

« But I believe that freedom of expression is important and I also find it scandalous that people are outraged by a decision or personal taste, for the (theme of) the pleasure of the other and of himself « , he stressed.

The workshop, scheduled for November 21-28, was not held due to opposition from the association’s committee in Wellington to host the initiative.


The controversy began when the until recently president of the Potters Association from Wellington, Nicole Gaston, presented to the organizing committee a proposal for Lozano to teach the public how to create their own sex toys using various techniques with ceramics.

« Being thermal, hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize and made of resistant material, the sex toys ceramic tiles are fun, beautiful, safe, and fit all bodies, « reads the flyer they had prepared for the proposed workshop.

But some committee members considered the workshop « inappropriate » for a ceramics club, while others feared how « members in general would take it, » Gaston told the New Zealand digital newspaper Stuff, considering that the ability to do so was underestimated. people to accept these types of proposals.

Lozano recounted that Gaston, who is a well-known New Zealand artist who won an award two years ago for creating a teapot shaped like a vagina, « resigned because of all the disagreements and conflicts, as well as the attacks that arose from the proposal ».


The Mexican artist, who is in New Zealand on a temporary visa, said that the origin of the conflict was probably the difficulty of addressing sexual issues.

In general, « we are used to making ceramic teapots, cups and plates », said Lozano, considering that some people « are probably ‘shocked’ by ‘dildos’, not only because of the material but because they have to talk about sex , masturbation and sexuality « .

Lozano, who has presented prototypes of sex toys in Mexico and explores in a context of contemporary art the conjunction of ceramics and sexuality, he plans to present other dildo workshops, as well as other artifacts, in the future in New Zealand.

« From this controversy they have offered me spaces for my workshop, » said the Mexican, who has anthropological studies and hopes to take her proposal to the city of Auckland « later when the situation calms down a bit.

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