Wyoming jokes about what happens to one of the looters in Barcelona: “How these images work …”

The intermediate began this Monday reporting on the protests in Barcelona for the seventh consecutive day after the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel, and Wyoming wanted to analyze the riots that have resulted in more than a hundred detained by security forces after acts of vandalism.

“The truth is that this does not have much to do with freedom of expression. Violent acts end up distorting the claims”stated the presenter. And he added: “Young people pissed off, violence and looting are not the way to get anything.”

Wyoming, in 'The Intermission'.
Wyoming, in ‘The Intermission’.

After commenting on these looting, The La Sexta program broadcast some images in which one of these looters could be seen colliding with the glass when leaving a store robbery, mistaking it for the exit.

“As this anonymous looter shows that he doesn’t even know the way to get out of a store. How these images work …”Wyoming said, provoking laughter from the public on the set of the program and a shrug from Sandra Sabatés, who also commented on the news.

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