xCloud is coming to iOS and PC in 2021 despite Apple’s policies

xCloud is Microsoft’s video game streaming service and one of the most promising on the market. But like the rest of services of this type, it has a certain veto in iOS when it conflicts with the rules of the App Store. Therefore, many streaming platforms will choose to take iOS your service through the web.

That will be the fate of xCloud on iOS, at least for now. Microsoft has announced that the service coming to iOS and PC in spring 2021. In the case of Apple’s operating system, it will do so through the web app to avoid conflicting with the company’s rules. And incidentally, offer a unified experience for users.

This is a fundamental change in the strategy of xCloud, which recently landed on Android as a native application, with a certain promotional agreement with Samsung and its S20 and Note.

xCloud on iOS via browser and native on PC

Microsoft xCloud

Unlike iOS and as in Android, xCloud will also arrive on PC on the same date, but it will do so as it could not be otherwise as a native application. We assume that it is fully integrated with the Xbox application that the system has pre-installed, in addition to offering a browser version.

“In spring 2021, we will take the next step in our journey to reach more gamers around the world by making cloud games as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate available on Windows PC through the Xbox app. and the browser, and iOS devices through the mobile web browser ”. – Jerret West, CVP of Microsoft Gaming.

It is unknown if, in the case of iOS, when operating via the web app they will have any restrictions with respect to the native version or the operating mode of xCloud on Android. Especially with regard to compatibility with certain controls through the browser or the total catalog that users of Apple operating systems and their operation on iPhone and iPad can have access to.

The xCloud article will arrive on iOS and PC in 2021 despite Apple’s policies, it was published in Hypertext.

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