Xiaomi and its curious lie detector that only needs to “look you in the eye”

Xiaomi It is one of the technological giants that broke into the Western market in recent years. The Chinese company is recognized for its phones, in addition to other elements, to which it will add a new device: its lie detector.

The company has a patent for a “polygraph method, device, mobile terminal, and storage medium,” it reported. IT Home portal. The great feature: you only need to read the pupil of the tested person.

Just “looking into your eyes” is enough to know if you are lying or not, seems to be the premise of this new Xiaomi device, which still does not have an official name or production date.

We’ve all seen it in the movies: the traditional polygraph, created by Leonard Keeler in the 1930s, is a measuring instrument that records physiological responses. Thus, the traditional lie detector measures blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, nerve stimuli, and skin conductance.

But Xiaomi’s is based on a 2017 study, which analyzes how pupil dilation can determine whether or not a person is lying.

“According to psychology, the pupils will dilate when the person is in a state of depression or lies,” points out the study led by Respatyadu Hari Nugroho. “The blinking of the eyes can also be an indicator to know people who are lying or not, when they increase the number of blinks.”

How does the Xiaomi lie detector work?

About Xiaomi’s lie detector, IT Home speaks: “When most people lie, they often have erratic eyes and dare not look. The proprietary technology applied by Xiaomi this time is to distinguish whether or not test subjects are lying by extracting this key information.”

To do this, Xiaomi patented a mobile terminal that includes a pan and tilt telephoto camera.

virtual eye

The shooting angle of the camera is adjusted towards the face of the person to be evaluated: with the facial image the trajectory of the movement of the pupil is determined.

When certain movements of the pupil occur, the Xiaomi device records them. Depending on the information that is issued, it can be determined if the person is lying or not.

Both the shape of the team and the production date are still unknown.